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David Murray Reviews

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To Whom It May Concern:

David A. Murray has been my broker for the last four years. Mr. Murray possesses extensive knowledge regarding large land parcels and is extremely well-versed in the field of real estate in general. At all times, Mr. Murray protected my best interests in transactions which were considered or negotiated.

Mr. Murray is thorough and focused and works aggressively for his clients, whether they are buyer or seller. He can be depended upon to point out issues deserving consideration which the client may overlook in their eagerness to buy or sell.

Any clients may rest assured that Mr. Murray pays close attention to details of all transactions and monetary considerations, and always places the best interests of his client(s) as his first priority.

I would recommend Mr. Murray to anyone considering buying or selling property in Northern California and will surely use his services in the future as they have proven invaluable to me in buying property in the area.


Joe Montana

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To Whom It May Concern:

I have know David Murray since 1996 and when I decided to buy vineyard land I called him. Mr. Murray has extensive knowledge concerning land, vineyards, and of real estate. He was very careful in finding what I wanted and nit just trying to push property on me. He is very honest and tells you exactly what you can expect either using or selling property.

Mr. Murray pays close attention to detail in all transactions and believe always has his client’s best interest as his main priority.

Whether you are buying or selling property in Northern California, I would recommend Mr. Murray for many reasons. One of which is that unlike most of the brokers he owns vineyards and his family has been in agriculture in Sonoma County for over 100 years. He understands the business. I will use his service when buying or selling property. I can recommend him enough.


Brion Wise